About Us

We are a family owned and operated Agritourism, Grain and Produce farm

located in Braceville, Ohio.

Kuchta Farms has been in operation since 1954

and have produced many different crops

including soybeans, wheat, corn and many varieties of produce.

We have been known for our SWEET CORN in the past,

but more recently have shifted our focus to soybeans, field corn harvesting

and in the fall...


Our History

It all starts somewhere...here is where our history is rooted.

In 1950 John "Bud" Kuchta and his wife Doris settled onto a plot of land along State Route 82 in Braceville Township, Ohio. While working for the local steel mill, Bud was able to build their home, in which they never left, himself by hand in two years! When Bud was growing up, he worked as a farm-hand for a local farmer and in 1954 Bud and Doris purchased a 50 acre plot from that farmer to call their own. Over the years Bud planted a variety of crops including popcorn, sweet corn, tomatoes, hay and a variety of other produce crops.

They had 3 sons (Dell, Dennis & David) that helped on the farm while growing up.


In 1994, one of the sons, Dennis, along with his wife Carol helped grow the farm by purchasing more land in Braceville and turning the focus toward grain farming. They also focused on produce with a specific drive on sweet corn. If you are from the area, you no-doubt have heard of the "Kuchta Sweet Corn". Dennis and Carol had 1 daughter  (Holly) and 3 sons (Mike, Ryan & Tyler) that grew up on the farm. One of the sons, Mike, opened a pumpkin stand during the fall at Bud and Doris' home for a period of time. Eventually, the focus shifted completely away from produce and Kuchta Farms became solely a grain harvesting farm.


In 2011, another one of Dennis and Carol's sons, Ryan, along with his wife, Amanda decided to bring the once popular pumpkin patch back to Braceville. They operated from the small roadside stand at Bud and Doris' for the first 2 years, but quickly outgrew it. When they moved into their current home down the road on State Route 82 in 2013, they realized they had much more room and the Kuchta Farms Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze permanently moved to 4480 State Route 82. The grain harvesting portion of the farm continued and throughout more land acquisitions, grew to an operation of harvesting over 200 acres of soybeans and field corn each year.


The entire Kuchta Family looks forward to continuing to serve the community through their grain harvesting, and fall agritourism seasons and are happy to call such a wonderful place home. Come visit us during our Fall months!

We look forward to seeing you!


The Kuchta Family